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Genres : Series | Drama | Crime | Animation

Release Date : Oct 04,2006

Language : English

Total Episodes : 37

Ratings: 8.1 / 10 from 138 users

Light Yagami is a 17-year-old ace student who is bored of school, life and the state of the world. One day, on his way home after school he fiends a black notebook with "Death Note" written on it. The first few sentences of the book state that everyone whose name is written into it is going to die through the power of a Shinigami. At first he discards it as a joke but later he realizes that it is the tool with which he can change the world to a place without crime or criminals. However, after the first criminals die, the authorities are forced to do something and send the legendary detective L to track down Light.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 37 - New World (Jun 26,2007)

Season 1



































Episode 37 - New World 1 Links 2007-06-26
Episode 36 - 1.28 1 Links 2007-06-19
Episode 35 - Malice 1 Links 2007-06-12
Episode 34 - Vigilance 1 Links 2007-06-05
Episode 33 - Scorn 1 Links 2007-05-29
Episode 32 - Selection 1 Links 2007-05-22
Episode 31 - Transfer 1 Links 2007-05-15
Episode 30 - Justice 1 Links 2007-05-08
Episode 29 - Father 1 Links 2007-05-01
Episode 28 - Impatience 1 Links 2007-04-24
Episode 27 - Abduction 1 Links 2007-04-17
Episode 26 - Renewal 1 Links 2007-04-10
Episode 25 - Silence 1 Links 2007-04-03
Episode 24 - Revival 1 Links 2007-03-28
Episode 23 - Frenzy 1 Links 2007-03-21
Episode 22 - Guidance 1 Links 2007-03-14
Episode 21 - Performance 1 Links 2007-03-07
Episode 19 - Matsuda 1 Links 2007-02-21
Episode 18 - Ally 1 Links 2007-02-14
Episode 17 - Execution 1 Links 2007-02-07
Episode 16 - Decision 1 Links 2007-01-31
Episode 15 - Wager 1 Links 2007-01-24
Episode 14 - Friend 1 Links 2007-01-17
Episode 12 - Love 1 Links 2006-12-27
Episode 11 - Assault 1 Links 2006-12-03
Episode 10 - Doubt 1 Links 2006-12-06
Episode 9 - Encounter 1 Links 2006-11-29
Episode 8 - Glare 1 Links 2006-11-22
Episode 7 - Overcast 1 Links 2011-11-15
Episode 5 - Tactics 1 Links 2006-11-01
Episode 4 - Pursuit 1 Links 2006-10-25
Episode 3 - Dealings 1 Links 2006-10-18
Episode 2 - Confrontation 1 Links 2006-10-11
Episode 1 - Rebirth 1 Links 2006-10-04

Series Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 A girl is confronted by a gang who make references to raping her. One guy goes to unzip his trousers, but is stopped shortly after. A female character is seen showering. The sides of her breasts are briefly shown. A woman strips naked at gun point. We only see her back. During a scene, a young woman walks around in a room in her underwear in an attempt to seduce the men in the room. They ignore her. A man pickpockets a woman's cellphone off her, under the guise that he's playfully groping her. It is implied that a man is masturbating in a movie theater. The lights are off so nothing is seen, but moaning is heard. He is interrupted by another man and the lights come on. He sits up and is seen wiping his hand on his shirt, he offers his hand to the man, to shake hands, the other gives him a disgusted look and refuses. A man makes a comment about taking his new girlfriend to a hotel.
violence 8/10 There is at least one death per episode, but it's often just implied, and if not, will usually be brief and not very bloody, since heart attacks are the common method. Due to the show's realistic artstyle, the deaths can be slightly disturbing. The final episode is fairly graphic. A character is shot a few times and another character slits his own wrists, causing a blood to spray upward. Multiple characters die of forced heart attacks. The main character forces a woman to hang herself. A woman is forced to light herself on fire. It is later stated that she died. A main character slowly dies of multiple gun shot wounds. He is seen slowly dying. Emotional. The main characters set up a plan in which another character will die by gunfire by police. He is unaware of that that he is to die. He later follows the plan and is killed by police. Very graphic. A man spits up blood before he dies.
profanity SUB: 6/10 DUB: 3/10 The language is fairly mild and infrequent in the English dub. The most you will here is "damn", "hell', "bastard", and at least one "ass". In the English sub, all the above language, "ass****" and the occasional "f**k". There is some debate on whether or not the second opening opening contains the word "f**k" near the end. It's hard to tell due to different translations, regardless, the opening can be skipped.
alcohol 3/10 Occasional cigarette smoking throughout the series. One scene shows Misa drinking a bottle of wine. A couple of scenes take place in a bar, drinking isn't the focus however.
frightening 9/10 The series has a rather nihilistic tone, revolving around a young man who, being sickened with the depravity of humanity, uses a supernatural book to kill those he believes are evil. His noble intentions, however, are quickly lost and he uses this power to act like God. The series throughout is very intense and suspenseful and can be distressing for some viewers, as the main protagonist is a villain. Intense or upsetting deaths include: a woman being hanged and another burned to death, even though it's not seen or heard. A man's family is slowly destroyed over the course of years due to his selfish actions. This can be emotionally upsetting for some. A few of the characters in the series are Shinigami (Japanese reapers of souls), and their appearance may be frightening to some. The ending of the series, while bittersweet, can be disturbing due to its gory, frightening and depressing conclusion. Rating: TV-14 DLV-TV-MA

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