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Genres : Series | Drama | Animation | |

Release Date : Apr 03,1998

Language : English

Total Episodes : 26

Ratings: 8.3 / 10 from 127 users

In the year 2071 humanity has colonized the entire Solar System through the use of "Phase Difference Space Gates". A catastrophic accident occurred during the development of the Gates, damaging both the Earth and the Moon, heavily irradiating the surface, and forcing most of mankind to evacuate to other planets of the Solar System.Wherever humanity goes, so goes its criminal element, and thus the need for those who hunt criminals. The newly formed solar system police reinstated the bounty scheme of the Wild West. Cowboy Bebop is the story of the four inhabitants of the spaceship Bebop, and the living they barely make at bounty hunting. The futuristic misadventures and tragedies of an easygoing bounty hunter and his partners. Cowboy Bebop is a 1998 Japanese anime series developed by Sunrise. It featured a production team led by director Shinichirō Watanabe, screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto, character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, mechanical designer Kimitoshi Yamane, and composer Yoko Kanno. The twenty-six episodes of the series are set in the year 2071. It follows the adventures, misadventures and tragedies of a bounty hunter crew travelling on the Bebop, their starship. Cowboy Bebop explores philosophical concepts including existentialism, existential ennui, loneliness, and the past's influence. The series premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 3 until June 26, 1998, broadcasting only twelve episodes and a special due to its controversial adult-themed content. The entire twenty-six episodes of the series were later broadcast on WOWOW from October 24 until April 24, 1999. The anime was adapted into two manga series which were serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Asuka Fantasy DX. A film was later released to theaters worldwide. Cowboy Bebop became a critical and commercial success both in Japanese and international markets (most notably in the United States), garnered several major anime and science fiction awards upon its release, and received universal praise for its style, characters, story, voice acting, animation, and soundtrack. In the years since its release, critics and reviewers, from the United States in particular, have hailed Cowboy Bebop as a masterpiece and frequently cite it as one of the greatest anime titles of all time. Credited with helping to introduce anime to a new wave of Western viewers in the early 2000s, Cowboy Bebop has also been labelled a gateway series for the medium as a whole.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 26 - The Real Folk Blues (2) (Apr 23,1999)

Season 1



























Episode 26 - The Real Folk Blues (2) 5 Links 1999-04-23
Episode 25 - The Real Folk Blues (1) 5 Links 1999-04-16
Episode 24 - Hard Luck Woman 4 Links 1999-04-09
Episode 23 - Brain Scratch 4 Links 1999-04-02
Episode 22 - Cowboy Funk 5 Links 1999-03-26
Episode 21 - Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui 5 Links 1999-03-19
Episode 20 - Pierrot Le Fou 5 Links 1999-03-12
Episode 19 - Wild Horses 4 Links 1999-03-05
Episode 18 - Speak Like a Child 4 Links 1998-06-19
Episode 17 - Mushroom Samba 5 Links 1999-02-19
Episode 16 - Black Dog Serenade 5 Links 1999-02-12
Episode 15 - My Funny Valentine 6 Links 1998-06-12
Episode 14 - Bohemian Rhapsody 5 Links 1998-06-05
Episode 13 - Jupiter Jazz, Part II 5 Links 1998-05-22
Episode 12 - Jupiter Jazz, Part I 5 Links 1998-05-22
Episode 11 - Toys in the Attic 5 Links 1998-05-15
Episode 10 - Ganymede Elegy 5 Links 1998-05-08
Episode 9 - Jamming with Edward 5 Links 1998-05-01
Episode 8 - Waltz For Venus 5 Links 1998-04-24
Episode 7 - Heavy Metal Queen 5 Links 1998-04-17
Episode 6 - Sympathy for the Devil 5 Links 1998-11-27
Episode 5 - Ballad of Fallen Angels 5 Links 1998-11-20
Episode 4 - Gateway Shuffle 6 Links 1998-11-13
Episode 3 - Honky Tonk Women 6 Links 1998-04-10
Episode 2 - Stray Dog Strut 4 Links 1998-04-03
Episode 1 - Asteroid Blues 5 Links 1998-04-03

Series Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 We see an image from shoulder up of a man and woman in bed (presumably during coitus) for roughly a second. We see a feminine-looking man's breasts and back as well as a bit of his buttocks in the shower shortly as he smiles at a woman. There are 4-5 shots of nude or scantily clad women on risque magazines/posters. Nudity is not detailed or long-lasting. Faye often wears revealing outfits and sometimes uses this to her advantage. There are a few instances of innuendo. We see two men from chest up in a sexually comprising position in bed after they are interrupted. We don't hear anything sexual. We see Faye's back in the shower for a second or two while she stands motionless.
violence 9/10 Some considerably bloody violence. There are shootings and a few fistfights, with blood. Bloody bodies are strewn about in the aftermath of a murder in two scenes. A villain kills several men by sword. We see blood spurting shortly. A man is experimented on in a dream, his eyes are about to be slashed. Cybernetic organs in jars are briefly seen in the background.
profanity 7/10 Some (mostly) moderate language (i.e "sh*t", "son of a b*tch", "goddammit").
alcohol 6/10 Smoking throughout, as well as some drinking. A number of scenes take place in bars. Three characters each unknowingly eat a hallucinogenic mushroom, and experience a different hallucination (two of which we see for a bit). A dealer sprays a mist-like drug into his eyes a few times in the first episode. We see them bloodshot and swollen twice for a bit. A few scenes involve drug smuggling from side-characters/antagonists.
frightening 8/10 A few sadistic scenes involving two villains (Vicious and Pierrot). The backstories of certain characters can be dark and unsettling. The deaths of several characters (both major and minor) could be emotional to some. The series has some elements of existentialism that are preferably suited for adult audiences only.

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