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Genres : Series | Adventure | Action

Release Date : Oct 24,2014

Language : English

Total Episodes : 13

Ratings: 6.6 / 10 from 49 users

A man struggling with his faith is haunted by the sins of his past but is suddenly thrust into the role of defending humanity from the gathering forces of darkness.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 13 - Waiting for the Man (Feb 13,2015)

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Episode 13 - Waiting for the Man 11 Links 2015-02-13
Episode 12 - Angels and Ministers of... 12 Links 2015-02-06
Episode 11 - A Whole World Out There 13 Links 2015-01-30
Episode 10 - Quid Pro Quo 11 Links 2015-01-23
Episode 9 - The Saint of Last... 13 Links 2015-01-16
Episode 8 - The Saint of Last Resorts 13 Links 2014-12-12
Episode 7 - Blessed Are the Damned 11 Links 2014-12-05
Episode 6 - Rage of Caliban 13 Links 2014-11-28
Episode 5 - Danse Vaudou 14 Links 2014-11-21
Episode 4 - A Feast of Friends 14 Links 2014-11-14
Episode 3 - The Devil's Vinyl 14 Links 2014-11-07
Episode 2 - The Darkness Beneath 15 Links 2014-10-31
Episode 1 - Non Est Asylum 15 Links 2014-10-24

Series Parental Guide

nudity season 1 episode 1: A woman is shown in a very short pajama shorts and a cami without a bra on. She briefly bends over and you can see part of her bottom. season 1 episode 2: A man is seen naked in a shower, private parts not shown. Constantine takes his shirt off. In another scene a man is shown shirtless. A woman wears a blouse that is low cut and reveals a lot of cleavage. season 1 episode 3: Men are seen with their shirts off. season 1 episode 4: A woman wears a shirt that is very sheer. You can see her bra through it and it also reveals the entire back of her bra. season 2 episode 5: Women are seen dancing around a fire in bra tops and skirts. A woman is shown wearing a very low cut dress.
violence Lots of fantasy violence, exorcisms Some fight scenes many dead bodies shown, some quite violently killed Some people stabbed see frightening and intense scenes
profanity Constantine is very British and his swearing is not too offensive, the usual "bloody" or "bollocks" "bastard" as well as the typical network TV profanity such as "damn", "ass", and "hell".
alcohol It is heavily implied that Constantine smokes, but he is never seen actually smoking. Constantine is often seen in bars drinking, or he comes home drunk.
frightening Judging by the fact that Constantine is an exorcist and demon hunter you can expect some scary scenes involving demon creatures/people that are possessed etc. bear in mind at some points this show will be almost on the level of nightmare inducing for some people Some voodoo/occult rituals are shown that are quite intense or strange Some very scary scenes with jump scares Many of the monsters are demonic and scary looking. Constantine performs lots of exorcisms throughout the series that are frightening one man is burnt alive in the shower, his body is shown afterwards and he is seen burning alive, not a nice scene to watch One man is drowned in his car One scene Constantine cuts some sort of pattern into a man's face with a knife, quite gory. There are "exorcist-like" scenes of demonic and spirit activity and contorted, possessed bodies that will be very frightening for young children. This is just in the first 15 minutes of the first episode. Very surprised at the 14 age restriction; should be 16. Should be okay ages 14/15+ would advise not to watch late at night by yourself! RATED 15+ (UK RATING): For strong fantasy violence, language, horror, gore and sex references 29/50

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