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Genres : Series | Comedy

Release Date : Aug 19,2011

Language : English

Total Episodes : 13

Ratings: 0 / 10 from 0 users

Chemistry was a sexually explicit comedy-drama series that debuted on Cinemax as a part of its Max After Dark lineup on August 19, 2011. It followed the affair of an attorney and a police officer, which began after the officer saved the attorney from a car wreck. The last episode aired on November 18, 2011.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 13 - In or Out (2) (Nov 18,2011)

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Episode 13 - In or Out (2) 6 Links 2011-11-18
Episode 12 - In or Out (1) 8 Links 2011-11-11
Episode 11 - Intimacy 5 Links 2011-11-04
Episode 10 - Lust In Translation 7 Links 2011-10-28
Episode 9 - Split 6 Links 2011-10-20
Episode 8 - Night on Bald Mountain 6 Links 2011-10-13
Episode 7 - The Proposition 5 Links 2011-10-06
Episode 6 - Downtime 6 Links 2011-09-30
Episode 5 - Flesh Wounds 5 Links 2011-09-23
Episode 4 - Montecito 7 Links 2011-09-16
Episode 3 - Smoke & Mirrors 9 Links 2011-09-09
Episode 2 - A Kiss Is Not A Kiss 9 Links 2011-08-26
Episode 1 - Upside Down 9 Links 2011-08-19

Series Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 * The show features nudity and simulated sex in every episode. Complete (sometimes full frontal) nudity is seen but nothing more explicit than that. * Strong sexual talk and sexual humor can be seen throughout Episode 7 A completely nude couple have sex, the man is shown performing cunnilingus on the woman A woman performs fellatio on a man as he's driving. Nothing is shown except the back of her head bobbing up and down in his lap. It is implied that he ejaculates and she swallows, because she gets up and says yum as she wipes her lip. Afterwards the woman lips the man's hands and directs it underneath her clothes, it's implied that she is being manually stimulated as she moans A woman is seen performing cunnilingus on another woman, one is nude the other is wearing panties and a vest A nude man and woman have sex on a sofa, the man is shown thrusting hard A nude man and woman have sex on a bed, the woman is shown riding the man before the man gets on top -- Episode 8 A topless woman wearing panties is seen performing cunnilingus on a nude woman. Later a woman walks in on them and the nude woman's bare breasts and butt can be seen. Two topless women are shown on a nudist beach, the bartender is seen staring at them, afterwards they walk away from the bare and their nude butts can be seen A woman manually stimulates a man by rubbing her foot on his crotch as he's driving a car A man and woman begin to kiss on the sofa, the man puts his hand inside the woman's trousers briefly, they are shortly interrupted A topless woman and man are about to have sex when they are interrupted by sounds of sex coming from the adjoining room. In the adjoining room a nude woman is shown riding a nude man, the interrupted couple start by making louder sex noises in their room A topless woman is seen in a cutaway, her bare breasts are shown It is implied a man and woman are naked under the covers, but they are interrupted by another man as they begin to kiss A woman manually stimulates a man, nothing is shown except for their faces
violence 0/10
profanity 7/10 Moderate to frequent foul language is used in some episodes. In some instances this may be vulgar language referring to sexual acts or human anatomy. In some instances strong language such as the "F" word is used in a sexual context
frightening 0/10

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