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Blood Drive

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Genres : Series | Drama | Horror | Adults | Sci-fi

Release Date : Jun 14,2017

Language : English

Total Episodes : 16

Ratings: 6.2 / 10 from 6 users

Set in a near-dystopian future, a former cop is forced to take part in a death race where the cars run on human blood. You lose a leg and you lose your head.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 13 - Finish Line

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Episode 13 - Finish Line 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 12 - Faces of Blood Drive 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 11 - Episode XI: Rise of the... 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 11 - Rise of the Primo 158 Links 2017-08-23
Episode 10 - Scar Tissue 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 9 - The Chopsocky Special 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 8 - A Fistful of Blood 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 7 - The Gentleman's Agreement 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 6 - Booby Traps 5 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 5 - The F-cking Dead 5 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 4 - In the Crimson Halls of... 4 Links 0000-00-00
Episode 3 - Steel City Nightfall 4 Links 2017-06-28
Episode 2 - Welcome to Pixie Swallow 4 Links 2017-06-21
Episode 1 - The F*cking Cop 4 Links 2017-06-14

Series Parental Guide

nudity TV: MA This over-the-top violent, sexual, and purposely offensive Only for episodes 1-3 Opposite and same-sex kissing Characters shown having sex with moaning and thrusting female characters are frequently shown in short, tight, very revealing outfits and lingerie with the camera panning up and down their bodies a man flirts with a woman and then calls her a "bitch" when she rejects his advances a man holds a box cutter to a woman's throat during a rape attempt a man kisses a woman who is held by two thugs as she squirms and calls him an "a--hole." A man is visible nude from the rear at length during a shower.
violence Violence is as brutal as cable TV will allow with stabbings, amputations, bludgeoning, gouting blood, gore, knocks to the face that leave victims spitting teeth, sudden and violent deaths. A man in the midst of an attempted rape is stabbed several times in the crotch multiple screaming victims are pushed into whirling knives to provide blood to power a car we see a shower of blood and clumps of bloody tissue flying. Police officers have high-tech pistols that can make those shot fly through the air or fall over dead instantly with no blood they are authorized to beat suspects on the spot as a punishment and instructed by their superiors to collect a quota of teeth each week from roughed-up suspects. Characters are in almost constant danger, both from the ravages of a dangerous apocalyptic society and from violent attacks. Some characters are androids who bleed orange and green "blood."
profanity Cursing includes "hell," "s--t," "ass," "f--k," "damn," "bulls---t," "bastards," "sons of bitches," "a--hole," "motherf--ker," a man calls a woman a "bitch" when she doesn't respond to his advances. A man calls an audience "road trash" and "queers" in jest.
alcohol Traditional drugs no longer exist, but alcohol is still plentiful and a drug called Red Rapture is popular. One law enforcement officer advises another to "get drunk as hell" to show he's a regular guy.

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